The vacancy and our vision for the future

You will not need to have lived in Wylam for long to recall that many months passed between David Cant’s retirement and Robert Mclean’s arrival. Sad to say it will be no different this time around – the wheels of the Church of England appointment process grind exceeding slow. Realistically we cannot expect an appointment earlier than spring 2017. The fact that there will be no less than 4 vacancies in the Corbridge Deanery by October adds further complications. Maybe not such a bad thing as it gives the opportunity to think longer term about how to configure posts and teamwork within our deanery for the greater benefit of all.

The PCC’s first task was to compile the Parish Profile which gives applicants a whole lot of detail about Wylam and what we do now. (See next page). This is the easy part. Much more difficult and far more important is to set out a clear Mission and Vision for the future. What would we like to make happen? Once we know that, we should be able to describe the kind of person who will be best fitted to help lead us there. We have a "Transformation Group" working on this and they do have a number of good ideas – but no monopoly on them! We know that we have to engage much more closely with families and younger people. The vision will include this. But, what else should be in there? Please think about this and let Judy Marr or myself have any ideas – we’d love to hear from you.

Please also pray to God that this group and the whole PCC may be given the wisdom and insight they will need for the task of ahead; setting out our vision and culminating in the arrival in Wylam of a new priest to lead and inspire us.

Michael Bird
Church Warden



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