Church improvements

We have received a report on the condition of the church organ. Sadly age is telling and to repair to full working order we need to spend £4,180. A further £10,900 will be needed in the future to allow cleaning and restoration. Donations towards this work will be gratefully received.

Decoration of the internal walls of the church, outside doors, railings and gates have been completed.

The church sound system has been recently updated allowing music to be played from various sources.
You may have noticed the church carpet has been fully cleaned and the church road double gates repaired-they now fit!

We have replaced the chancel lights from halogen to LED.

The quinnquennial carried out in 2015 identified urgent repairs were required to the roof and rainwater goods. The cost was a little under £12,000. A LPW grant was received covering most of the cost.

We were granted a faculty to enable the roof works and electrical improvements to the church to be carried out.



Work commenced on the 11th July 2016. We are now providing much improved facilities including:
An accessible toilet, new kitchen, new toilets and modernisation of the hall itself.
Completion took place on the 4th November.

The main door closers have now been fitted and the arch window has been installed. The curtains at the west end and across the passageway to the toilets are now installed.

We have opened the west end of the hall with the beautifully designed doors as further generous donations were received.

The new double glazed clear windows have now been installed (June 2018), we are thankful for the grant received from Karen Quinn, our County Councillor's County allocation. Only the new dishwasher requires funding. If you are able to donate please contact us: 


Bell ringers are welcome. New volunteers are asked to contact Andrew. Training will be given.

Are you an organist, a pianist, do you know anyone who is? Could you play for us?

Please get in contact with us if you can help. Thank you.  


Our vision is to add a parish room and facilities to the church. However we need to protect the use of the church hall whilst looking ahead at our needs. .

The diocese was approached in 2014 regarding additional land required for the church hall alterations. The Diocesan Registrar was instructed to draw up the various documents. These were received following consent of all the parties involved. This allowed the PCC to move forward with full use of the additional land.



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