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See our events page and meetings page for further dates

Join us at St Oswin's for all or any of the following services:

Thursdays 9.30am Holy Communion

Sundays 8.00am Holy Communion 10.00am Sung Eucharist (unless as detailed below)
From the 24th September the 10.00am will change to 11.30am, see the statement below.

Sunday School at the 10.00am most Sundays during term time, 11.30am from 24th September.
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Thursday Services:-

Thursday 24th                9.30am Holy Communion Rev Audrey McCartan
Thursday 31st                9.30am Holy Communion Rev Audrey McCartan



Thursday 7th                   9.30am Holy Communion Rev Angus Palmer
Thursday 14th                 9.30am Holy Communion Rev Canon Campbell Matthews
Thursday 21st                 9.30am Holy Communion Rev Tom Birch


Sunday & Other Services:- 


Sunday 20th                       8.00am Holy Communion Rev Angus Palmer
                                       10.00am Sung Eucharist for St Oswin's Day Rev Angus Palmer
                                            followed by soup and pud lunch in the hall-see events
Sunday 27th                     8.00am Rev Michael Wheelwright
                                        10.00am Rev Michael Wheelwright
Sunday 3rd                        8.00am Holy Communion Rev Angus Palmer
                                        10.00am Sung Eucharist Rev Angus Palmer
Saturday 9th                      7.30pm Confirmation at St James' Hunstanworth
Sunday 10th                      8.00am Holy Communion Rev Canon Michael Jackson
                                        10.00am Sung Eucharist Rev Canon Michael Jackson
Sunday 17th                      8.00am Morning Prayer
                                        10.00am Sung Eucharist Rev Canon Campbell Matthews
Sunday 24th                      8.00am Holy Communion Rev Tom Birch
                                          9.30am Holy Communion at St Mary the Virgin Ovingham
                                        11.30am Sung Eucharist Rev Tom Birch

Service times St Oswin’s and St Mary’s from September 24th 2017

The four Churchwardens Simon Harper, Pauline Norton of St Mary’s Ovingham and Judy Marr, Michael Bird of St Oswin’s have been in discussions sharing their thoughts on how the Sunday service pattern can be timed in both churches from September 24th, following the Installation of the Revd. Tom Birch as Priest in Charge to our two parishes. 

It was important to them that they worked on a pattern which allowed the Revd. Tom Birch enough time between the services for travel and preparation.  They also recognised that the Revd. Tom Birch would not have time to share coffee/parish breakfast after the service in both

The decision they have arrived at is:-

                                8am            BCP                       St Oswin’s

                                9.30am       Parish Eucharist    St Mary’s

                               11.30am      Sung Eucharist      St Oswin’s

This new pattern will take effect on September 24th which is the first Sunday following his licensing on Monday, September 18th.

The Thursday 9.30am Holy Communion at St Oswin's will continue.
There is obviously a great change in start time for the 10am congregation at St Oswin’s but this
combined pattern of worship across both parishes provides a wide range of options to everyone and allows everyone across both parishes to attend the service which suits their preference best. 
We consider this to be the best approach and we will review this in April 2018.

Ovingham and Wylam Parishes are lucky to have the Revd. Tom Birch coming as our new Priest in Charge and we are working together in order to give him the best possible start amongst us.

Please continue to hold the Revd. Tom Birch, his wife Jessica, three children and each other in your prayers.                 




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